App Disk Usage Monitoring

I have an app hosted in the Mendix cloud. When I download and unzip the backed up files from this app, the total space used by those files is about 32GB. When I look in my app monitoring on the Mendix platform, the Application Node Disk Usage is almost exactly double that. On the graph, there are 2 elements in the legend (colors are bright green and aqua blue) that show an identical amount of space, which is 31.62GB - neither is labeled in the legend. I have included the graph in this question. It seems like I am only able to use half of the disk space allocated to my app for file storage. Can someone help me understand how the disk space is used by my app?
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Mike, I see the same thing on my apps as well. The label "/" is actually the Linux file system root directory.

We'll need the cloud ops team to chime in here, but I believe the graph is configured incorrectly with a duplicate series of the file system root or "/" location.