empty paging buttons in default mendix paging bar while running in sandbox

In an application running in the Sandbox there is a user which has empty paging buttons (default Mendix paging buttons in a data grid) This user uses Internet explorer 9 If I look for myself the paging buttons are properly displayed in internet explorer 8 and internet explorer 10. When using the F12 button to inspect the CSS I see that the forward button is implemented using "glyphicon glyphicon-forward" defined in bootstrap.min.css. At the moment it's not possible for me to use F12 on the user’s laptop. Any idea what could be the reason the buttons are not displayed?
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I found out what's the problem. In the security-settings of internet explorer the downloading of fonts is prohibited.

So the solution would be to change the security-settings. But for now this is not possible. Is there any way to display the default Mendix paging bar without glyphicons? For instance use labels like First, previous, next, last ?