Feedback Widget: Specifics about the Document

Hi The feedback widget is very nice in that it shows the user role, the page name, and even can give a screenshot. However, some pages i have to work with have conditional visibility set on snippets or content, which makes it difficult for me to determine what exactly somebody talks about when they say this or that component, and the page contains trillions of conditional visibility. Is there a way to determine some unique identifiers so that i can filter for these things more easily in the modeler. It takes very long for me to find what somebody is talking about in the modeler. I only change the colors and set the paddings and spacings and so forth, but also have to do some stuff in the modeler. What is the solution for this sort of issue. Will a dump of the document model posted in the documentation of the feedback widget help me? Is there a way to name snippets with classes or ids or something that they show up in the document model, so that if i find a way to return this along with the feedback that I can more easily find what people are referring to? One solution is to wrap the contents of a snippet with a "container" with a class with name snp_something, then you can maybe use that to uniquely identify the snippet, then you can maybe search for that. The issue is posting that long with the feedback Thankyou
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Am I assuming correctly that you do most of the UI and another person designs the forms? But even then a combination of the screenshot and the information of the feedback about which form the user is seeing should easily pinpoint you to the location that needs to be modified.

We also have some complicated forms in our application with a lot of conditional viewing. But from the screenshot I can always tell what part of the form that is. But I agree with you that snippets can complicate it a bit. It would be nice if the feedback widget would also tell you which snippets are in the screenshot. Do not know if that is doable though by Mendix. We could save this one for a next feature request posting.

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