Modal dialogue titles

I have a widget that injects "taskbar" on the mendix page and "minimize icon" a layout used in a popup it minmizes the popup to the taskbar, allowing arbitrary navigation between mdx spa pages and "maximization" of previously "minimized" popups with the minimization widget on their layout. My question is how do i set the title of a dialogue based on an attribute (its for a blog kinda thing, so the title of the dialogue has to be the blog post title). I know i can do it with a widget that takes an attribute, but then this widget has to sync with the one on the layout, that is to say if the one on the layout executes first, it will take the unaltered dialogue title, and then the one on the page taking the attribute that is supposed to change the title of the dialogue will only change the title afterward, resulting in the minimized version of the dialogue to have a mismatching title. Thankyou very much for any advice
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