Database Replication: no list of object types.

Hello, I both installed DatabaseReplication 4.6 and MxModelReflection 5.2.1 in my project and added the DatabaseMapping to my app. I can succesfully connect to a MS Access DB (yes Northwind :D) and see all the tables, but on the tab mappings, no entity from my module (yes MyFirstModule :D) is showed when I want to create a new mapping. I suppose is should see a simulair list as the tables, but this time with Mendix Domain Objects/ Entities, correct? Kind regards and hope that somebody can help me out with this, Maurits.
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I supposed the DatabaseReplication only needed the MxModelReflection as a reference. After a cup of coffee I figured that MxModelReflection is actually an application on its own and has its own documentation. I added the MxObjects_Overview page to my app and synced the MXObjects ... .