Configuration Google Analytics widget v2.0

I converted my application to 5.16.1 and would like to add the Google Analytics widget. I found a brand new v2.0 in the appstore, but the Documentation is still on v1.0. Should I take any special steps when installing and configuring the new Google Analytics widget? Anyone any experience with this?
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Hi, thanks for the heads up, we will take care of updating the documentation. I don't think you need any special steps, what are you running into?


Unfortunately the name of the widget(being downloaded to [%Projectdir%]/widgets) has been changed from Analytics.mpk to GoogleAnalytics.mpk This results in duplicate 'add-ons' in your project. Please remove [%Projectdir%]/widgets/Analytics.mpk from you project, so only v2 or up(GoogleAnalytics.mpk) remains available in your project. This should get yourid of the constructor error.

Version2.0 and up dynamically adds the html element to your dom, so you can indeed remove that line from your index.html


I get a 'No constructor found for widget GoogleAnalytics.widget.PageTracker' error. And I guess I can remove the line <script type="text/javascript" src="widgets/analytics/lib/Tracker.js" uanumber="UA-XXXXXXXX-X"></script> from my index.html?


I'm trying to use the latest version of the Analytics widget in the app store, but I also get the No Constructor Found error. Even when using it in a completely new, blank project, so the solution to delete the old mpk doesn't work, because there is no old .mpk.

Is there anything I'm doing wrong?

Testproject (5.20):

After running and opening the app, you'll see the Constructor Not Found error

I also tried in an older Mx version (5.15.1), same problem occurs.

Also, the documentation is still not updated. For example, the attributes of the eventtracker widget have changed, and there is a new masterpagetracker widget, but these changes are not documented. Would be great if the documentation would be updated.