Problems when working with more then one model at the time

Most of the time I have more then one model open so that I can process calls from clients between my regular modelling. In the old days this was not a problem as long as you seperated each environment with it own ports. Each of our client have their own port set so to never conflict when running more models local at the same time. The problem now is that the models seems to get confused. When I have two models open and in one tab log in the other model will also pick this up. Most of the time this is with anonymous users but also sometimes with the MxAdmin role. So when I open on tab the anonymous user session is also registred in the other model. And working in one model sometimes closes the session in the other tab. Anybody else noticed this behaviour? In the old days this worked without a problem and only with the recent Mx5 models this seems to be not working anymore. Really frustrating because this make to want me to have two computers instead of just one with two models open :) Regards, Ronald
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I don't think anything changed in this regard, it's mostly a browser issue that will just send cookies along for requests to a server domain, regardless of the port.

You can work around this by adding aliases for in your hosts file, or by using different browsers. Or use, localhost and your public ip, then you already have 3 distinct ones out of the box.