Can I change the default theme in 2.5?

By default 2.5 opens projects using the 'Dutch' theme as the default, with other theme available in the 'Pick your theme' dropdown. Is it possible to specify one of the other themes (e.g. 'Dark') as the default? I've tried changing the order in the index.html file as follows: but this just gets overwritten with the original sequence every time I deploy the project. Thanks.
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This is not possible without changing the names of the HTML files. If you rename the index-dark.html file to index.html, the modeler will see this as the default page.

Be sure to put the renamed index.html in your theme folder in the project directory. If not, the modeler will just overwrite your files everytime you re-deploy.

This will work easier in Mendix 2.5 final version.