License Pool Manager

Hi there I have a question about the Multi-tenant possibility. As I read in other posts I should use the "License Pool Manager" module. So I´m giving it a try... I started a new app (based on the App Cloud Default Project) and downloaded the License Pool Manager (LPM). After adding the server, pool pages I started the app. When I add a user it needs a Pool. So I add a new License Pool with a number of named and concurrent users. Because there are no users yet I cant set a PoolAdmin. Next step would be to ad a user. But every time I try to add the user I get the following error in the screen. "You need to assign the user to a license pool." This happens even when I try to add a user from the manage page. The messages are occurring even when I have selected one or two Pools. After I get this message I can't select a pool anymore. The drop-down menu shows but when I click on the name it stays empty. Any suggestions? It is a fresh app. So this would also be the first user. I now tried this with a demo account. Because I can't make an new account. The standard MXadmin does not work hence it is in a sandbox situation.
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