Creating an order

I'm still very new to the MX Modeler and would therefor appreciate some open mindedness and some constructive criticism to my situation: I have the following entities: Customer, CustomerOrder, OrderDetail and Products I would like to create an order for a client with numerous products and numerous product quantities. Total pricing is then to be displayed and saved. I have gotten to a point using datagrids and pop ups where i can add products and quantities to an order and save it for a specific client but it seems as if the order stays generic. For example: I place an order for client X and save. Order is saved correctly, Then i save an order for client Y, it then overwrites client X's order with that of Y. Therefor, all orders (although they have different order numbers) have the same content. What could i possibly be doing wrong? I have toyed with most of the relationships on the data model without any luck. Is there any other way of doing this?
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