How to Pass enclosing context when objects datagrid and containing dataview are the same

Can someone help me solving the following case: I have and Event object with a relation to itself called Subevent so that I can configure events n deep. In the dataview of the Event I have a datagrid for object Event to create new Events over the relation Subevent. I make use of a custom New button (invoke button with create Event activity & open form) for creating an new Event over relation Subevent. However, I'm not able to pass enclosing context since the 'objects are related' (according to the validation message) so that I can set the relation Subevent. Does someone have a suggestion to solve this problem (for a variety of reasons it is not possible to replace the MF for custom New button)?
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You could use an action trigger in the containing data view instead of a data grid new button to create a new subevent. The action trigger would pass the Event object of the data view, create a new Event and fill in the Subevent association.

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