Removing input from a list view

Probably there is a very simple solution but I do not seem to find it. To delete certain data that is saved in an entity I can only use the data view to delete something from this input. I use this often for example when input is not good/ complete. I prefer using the list view in most cases but I cannot add a 'delete' button to that field. Anyone some advice on how to manage this? Thanks
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Sorry Eric, I will try to clarify it.

I am using a list view to show input to my users that other users have put in my application. However, as an admin I would like to delete/edit some input from the list if this data is incomplete/ erroneous. In a data view you can achieve this very easily by using the 'delete' button. I am now using a data view for the admin and a list view for the other users to reach the desired situation. My wish is however that I can use this list view for all the users (admin included) but that I can also delete the data easily if I am in the admin role. So in short, is there any way I can create a 'delete' button when using a list view?