Link in info buble Google Maps Widget

How can I create a URL in the info buble at the markers in the Google Maps Widget? I want to have the option to go to a URL when I click at the marker or at the link shown in the info buble.
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In the widget settings, there is a "Marker Caption" setting, which lets you set an attribute for your caption. You can actually embed html directly into that caption and have it display as a link. For example, if you set the value of your attribute to :

<a href="">Google</a>

The caption will have a link with the text "Google". If you do something like this:

<a href="" target="_blank">Google</a>

then clicking that link should pop up in a new tab/window.

Edit: I've personally tried this and it works. Here's a project package you can import and try yourself.


Eric, thanks. It works. I have to use the advanced module. It now works also in the mobile version!