Java 8 on Mx 4. Unable to deploy to the cloud.

Up untill last week I could still select Java 8 Beta when deploying a model. Now this option is disabled for Mx4 apps due to incompatibility. Could somebody from Mendix elaborate on this part? Because local all seems to work. The reason for asking is that we are trying (for a long time now) to get mutual SSL to work. Java 8 support a lot more cyphers out of the box that are just not there in Java 6 (or even 7). We are testing mutual SSL with the combination Mx4 and Java 8 but the cloud will not let me deploy this combination anymore. Regards, Ronald
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There's actually changed behavior in Java 8 compared to Java 7 (see

The latest Mendix 4 does not take this into account, which is why it shouldn't be run on Java 8.