Problem with Label Selector

I have just upgraded to 5.17 and am having a problem with the Label Selector widget. The widget does not appear on the page and when I look at the browser console, I see the following messages: I did upgrade to the latest version of the widget from the app store, which was released in May 2015. Any pointers on how to resolve this? UPDATE: when I attempted to reproduce in a test project for submission with a ticket, I could not reproduce the error, as noted separately in this thread. Next step was to begin updating my widgets to try and eliminate the error. I deleted the DrawLine widget and updated the following widgets to the latest versions from the app store: Format String, File Document Viewer, Enum Toggle, Datagrid Extension, CKEditor, Checkbox Set Selector, Calendar and Bootstrap Rich Text Editor. One of these (or maybe more than one) corrected the issue. I didn't do them one at a time, because I didn't have the time, so can't say for sure which one. Maybe someone reading this will have insight into which widget caused the issue. Thanks for all of your help!
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Hi Mike,

This issue is probably a conflict with jquery libraries. Jquery is instantiated multiple times, the tagit extension is only added to one of them. Apparently by the time your error occurs the jquery lib is overwritten, with one that does no have the tagit extension.

There are ongoing discussion how to solve it:

Looking at the label widget, this issue should not occur... so I not sure what is going on in your case....

(just make sure your browser cache is emptied after updating your widgets)