Set background color of a gridrow depending on an attribute value

Hi, I know this kind of question has been asked before (here and here) But I cannot figure out how I can do it. First of all the advice is given to add a class to my CSS. But my simple test project doesn't have a CSS. So in that case do I need to create one in the theme folder of the project, and if so what do I call it. I cannot find any documentation on this. If I'm able to create a class, how can I set the background color based on an attribute value in my grid? I.e. I have an attribute called "NumberOfErrors", if the value of this attribute is larger than 0, the whole row should have a red background. Despite the forum answers on this subject, I cannot see how to get it working. Also there is no documentation on this, unless I missed it. Any help is appreciated.
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Check out the Data Grid Extension - can be found here in the appstore. It has a number of features including the one you describe above.



I played a bit with that now and came up with this for MBM5161, maybe you can try something similar

alt text