How to set Reference Selector(Many to many entity)

I try to use a "Reference Selector". But I couldn't set [Data source] attribute path. I'd like to show Product list of each shop. Below is my Domain Model And I'd like to select "Procuct.Name" attribute, but [Select Attribute] dialog shows Shop Entity only. Below is sample data. Shop Table Shop_ID Name --------------- 1    A Shop 2    B Shop 3    C Shop Product Table Product_ID Name --------------- 1     Teddy Bear 2     Cookie Monster 3     Plush Doll ShopLink ShopLink_ID Shop_ID Product_ID startDate endDate ------------------------------------------------------------ 1      1      1   2014/01/01 9999/12/31 2      1      2   1700/01/01 2013/12/31 3      2      2   1700/01/01 9999/12/31 I have 2 questions. Q1. How to set "Reference Selector" properties if I ignore "ShopLink.startDate" and "ShopLink.endDate". * I expect [Teddy Bear][Cookie Monster] is shown. Q2. How to set "Reference Selector" properties if I use "ShopLink.startDate" and "ShopLink.endDate". * I expect [Teddy Bear]is shown. * startDate and endDate represents the effective period
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I would solve it like this:

possible solution

NB: this is untested. NB2: I added a relation between shop and product to the domain model. You use this to select the product.


I appreciate your support and help so much. I solved it by your advice.
I was suffering a long time , I am very happy .

I corrected only direction of ">=" and "<=".

startDate <= '[%BeginOfCurrentDayUTC%]'
endDate >= '[%EndOfCurrentDayUTC%]'
/Module.ShopLink_Shop = '[%CurrentObject%]']

Thank you again,