XML domain mapping: replacing FileDocuments

I managed to upload XML-type files and store them in an entity with domain mapping. As one can only upload one document in an entity, I created 3 entities to upload my documents. All entities have the attributes 'datetime' and 'value'. The thing is however, when I replace the uploaded file by a new file and import/map the data of this new file, the data to be mapped is added to the data from the old file. All datapoints are mixed up then in one dataset. How can I achieve that the datapoints (of the old XML file) in my entity are also replaced/ deleted when I make use of a new XML file? Does somebody have a smart solution for this? Thanks Mark
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You can do two things.

1) Link them to some root entity that you create after each import and start your data from 1 level up. e.g. if you have an xml import that contains dataPoints. Create a new Entity dataSet that you create after each import and link all the dataPoints to after the import.

2) Link them to the FileDocument entity. This way your FileDocument behaves as your data set.