Displaying Boolean attributes in a data grid

It looks like boolean fields are displayed in a datagrid as either 'Yes' or 'No'. Is there an option to display them as a check-mark or blank (or checked or un-checked checkbox)? This would be much more readable. If this is not currently possible, where do I file an enhancement request? EDIT: Hi Mohammed What I ended up doing was to use the batch replace functionality (Edit menu... Batch replace...) to replace 'Yes' with 'X' and 'No' with ' '. This then displays boolean attributes as an X or blank in datagrids. One word of warning - if you do this, there is then no way of reversing this operation for the 'No' value as you cannot find the ' ' entry in the list of labels to replace again. EDIT: This workaround will not do what you want then.. sorry. You need to log an enhancement request. Just one correction to what I said above - you should make the changes in the System Texts section under Project. You can then reverse the changes if you need to.
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All requests, bug and project questions can be filed in the MxDN Partner Portal under Incidents. These are then reviewed and filed as a feature request if R&D decides this is not a bug.


How about using an enumeration to do this? You can select "display as image" in the datagrid properties. Simply add two images (one with a checked box and one with an unchecked box) and you're good to go.

If you don't want the dropdown menu to select the value, just implement a virtual attribute which maps the boolean to an enumvalue.