URL Publish for Mobile Appstore

We have included saml integration into our ALFA app. When using a desktop browser we access the app with the sso feature via https://alfa-accp.mendixcloud.com/SSO/ (for acceptance). We would like to test the same functionality for the mobile app version of our app. When using the Publish -> Publish for Mobile App Stores option, we can select the environment (Acceptance or Production). The second field with the app-url is filled read-only (e.g. http://alfa-accp.mendixcloud.com) How can we modify the settings so the mobile app will connect to: http://alfa-accp.mendixcloud.com/SSO/ ? (We use the 'Build in the cloud' option via PhoneGap)
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If you want to change the url you need to download the package, which is the second option. You will then receive a zip file. In the zip file you will find a index.html. This should contain the url in the initialize section:


Alter that url and then re zip the package.

Then go to phonegap build website and sign in using your mendix id. Upload the zip file to your project and then select rebuild.

My tutorial on here might give you some help on the phonegap build: https://github.com/mendix/MxPushNotifications#creating-phonegap-app

You can skip the part about changing the config.xml