404 - file not found for file: widget/Richtext on Mx5.16.1

We have the latest version of the Richtext widget in our application, but we now have sometimes a 404 file not found error on this widget. Anybody else experiencing this? Any suggestion on how to debug? Should I create an unversioned mpk to check the build logs? Regards, Ronald
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This widget originates at the time of Mendix 2.5 and is a wrapper on top of the TinyMCE library. Additionaly, a lot of custom functionality has been built into this widget very close, or even into the library. For the past years we did our best to keep this widget functioning in all the versions which have been released since, but have come to a point to decide whether the investment to totally rebuild this widget outweighs the use of alternatives.

So, a combination of:

  • the library being outdated
  • unsustainable features, hard to maintain
  • the efforts Mendix recently put in client API being more strict on actually using the API methods not matching the widget requirements

made us decide to not proactively support this widget as alternatives like CKEditor and BootStrap RTE are already available. These widgets are also easier to maintain for us as they stay close to the library because they don't have customization implemented. We also strive for a sensible footprint as we simply can't support an infinite number of items.

Ronald, can you please tell us why you don't like the current alternatives? We appreciate your feedback.