Use of XAuth when publishing REST services

I just finished publishing a view restservices using "basic auth" as authentication mechanisme. Because this way of authenticating is not a very "save", our client wants to use XAuth. I read the basics about xauth on internet but have no clue how to implement it. Can someone point me in the right direction (sort of step by step) on how to implement this using the REST appstore module Especially the parts that concerns who is getting the xauth token form a third party xauth server en how how is this token communicated betweem consumer and publisher (or vice versa) how to validate it on the publisher's (Mendix) side when the restservice is called? What setting are used when publishing it form mendix using MF RestServices.CreateMicroflowService
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I don't know anything, but at least service security option 3 should allow you to process arbitrary headers to authenticate published services.