Document template: PDF encoding set

Hi all, Is there a possibility to choose the encoding set (such as UTF-8) for a specific document template in Mendix? In my application, a name which contains special characters such as 'Gandalfi Bãrdiḉ Žőňas' is displayed correctly. However, if I display the name in a PDF document, it will display as 'Gandalfi Bãrdi# Žőňas' (this is just a simple example). I think this can be solved by allowing to set the encoding set for a document template, is this configurable in both the Mendix modeller and the business server?
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The encoding is UTF-8 throughout the entire Mendix framework so if it displays correctly in the client I don't think there is an encoding issue. However, it is possible that some fonts don't support all characters. Have you tried the font Tahoma for example, instead of Arial?


I know this is an old topic but I am having the same issue, however, changing the font family to Tahoma did not resolve it.

Chinese characters display without issue in the app but when I export as a PDF using a document template, I just get ‘#####’ instead of Chinese.

I cannot even get a static label to display Chinese characters. I tried to pass a language object through to the Generate Document object action but that did not work either.

[edit] HTML and Word formats show the characters correctly. This is on Modeler version 6.10.2