Excel Importer Parser Microflow Causing Long Running Query/Errors

I started to receive errors on this type of date format '12-Jul-15' after I upgraded the excel importer from Mx4 to MX5. So I added a parser function to account for the 2 digit year. (see below). Seems like after the modeler in running for 30 mins of or so every excel import just hangs. I was able to determine that it was the parser causing the long running query. If I exit the browser. I can no longer re-import because the microflow is configured to only allow one concurrent execution (this was by design). So I have no choice to restart (not ideal in production), or cancel the long running query. Has anyone run into similar issues with the excel importer/parsers microflows. Since the year is being recognized as 2 digits YY, I need to make it 4 YYYY. if $DateString != empty then addYears( trimToDaysUTC(parseDateTimeUTC($DateString, 'dd-MMM-yyyy', empty) ), 2000) else empty
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