Download document not working in internet explorer

When generating a PDF file from a microflow and downloading it doesn't do anything in internet explorer. The same process works fine in Firefox or Chrome. I've already tried setting the site to trusted in the settings and disable the popup blocker, but to no avail. When running the app locally with cloud security disabled it does work (I am not able to enable cloud security locally due to SAML login) Any ideas as too why this happens and how to solve this?
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It sounds as if you don't have read access to the document.
Are you generating a new instance of the class System.FileDocument? I would always recommend making a subclass and giving the user access to that entity specifically.

Even though the microflow might execute a download action, when the browser interprets the response, the identifier that it should download doesn't seem to exist (the server won't return the details if the user doesn't have access). Because of this it's likely that you will never see any feedback from the server.