Retrieve action problem for createdDate

I have createdDate column in database with timestamp like "2014-10-28 15:28:00.087" - lets say A Now I want to retrieve data by date i.e. 2014-10-28 00:00:00.000 lets say B. I don't have actual timestamp. I have only date. So in xpath when i am writing [A=B] .List is coming empty because timestamp is not matched. Is it possible to retrieve data from xpath by only using Date (from database)? like [A (only date)=B (only date)]
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Thanks Eric and Pieter .its working fine now.


Are you inside a microflow? If so, you can create a BeginningOfDay variable and an EndOfDay variable, then use XPath to select all values >= $BeginningOfDay and <= $EndOfDay

See here for expressions you can use to create your variables.


What is it that you actualy want to retrieve, functionally?

If it is the first occurence in a day.

Use a retrieve like this.

$StartOfDay = 2014-10-28 00:00:00.000
$EndOfDay = addDays($StartOfDay,1)

[$StartOfDay <= MyFirstModule.A/createdDate and $EndOfDay > MyFirstModule.A/createdDate]

Make sure you sort the retrieve based on createdDate Ascending and set the retrieve on first only.