Click on image to open url

Is it possible to create a way to link to my customer's blog items? We are developing a B2B portal which will have news items, as these news items are allready posted on my customer's website it would be nice if we could have a ''news section'' with some images and when a visitor clicks on one of the images he will be redirected to this blogpost. Would something like this be possible to implement in the mendix platform? Or should I found some other work around (possible posting the news items in the B2B portal aswell)
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In the version of Mendix you are using, anytime you place an image widget on a page, you can have an on click microflow. Should be straightforward to build a microflow that would take a Mendix object with a blog post url and display that blog post in a pop up window or, with an add on from the app store, redirect to the original blog page.



Niels, regarding the microflow timer + url redirector in a popup combination, try these settings in the microflow timer:

Interval: 0
Execute once: yes
Start at once: yes

Did the trick for me in another project.