Call Rest services of Mendix from another application.

Hi Everyone, I have a Mendix application publishing some Rest services. On another Non-mendix application, at the client side, I would like to call the Rest service by Javascript. If I use normal Json format, i will have No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' error. I hope to use JsonP format, but I also cannot call the jsonCallback because Mendix doesn't support this technique (?) Does anyone have solution for my problem? Best regards,
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You should be able to either implement your own rest handler or modify the one in your project to support CORS


I assume your web page comes from a different server than the Mendix server. The browser will not allow service calls to another domain. You may need to call a service on the server that serves the web page and from that server call the Mendix service. If you google the error, you will find quite a few pointers to help you out.