refresh dataview snippet in layout

Hi, When the page is refreshed via a microflow the content dataview is refreshed. I have a snippet within a layout containing a dataview which receives its source via a microflow. Is there anyway that I can refresh the dataview in the layout when I wish to refresh the dataview in the content? The dataviews are both of the same entity type. Thanks, Tim
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I bump this topic because the the answer of Eric is not working for me when the widget is placed in a page layout. Anyone have a trick for refreshing a dataview (with Mf datasource) placed in a layout?

I tried above and combinations of refreshclass java actions but didn't work out..

*EDIT 23-5-2017*

Sorry for the very late reply (no notifications :(( ) and yup I found a workaround,. I applied this to the Appronto Notification Module. Take a look  at the NotificationSnippet (which  is placed in the layout!):


from a microflow you  call refresh System.User (took that object because every  model has an  user :)  )



I think you can refresh the snippet dataview by refreshing its context entity. If that's the exact same entity as on the page, a simple refresh should already do it.

If it's not the exact same entity, this might work:

  • In a microflow, execute the snippet's data source microflow
  • Refresh that returned entity