Mapping type=xs:date in web service call

Hi Guys, I have a problem with mapping a type="xs:date" field in a web service. When I map this field to a DateTime Mendix attribute I get an validation error that says that the value is no date. When I enter the date as a string (for instance via the formateDateTime() formula) I get an error that the string cannot be cast to a date. Am I missing a "Date" datatype in Mendix? For now I created my own SOAP body with the custom request body feature, this works fine but I think this should work with the simple mapping method.
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Hi Charles,

I assume you are mapping your result to a Mendix object. I tried xs:dateTime, xs:time, and xs:date, none of them giving me issues that you are having. Here is a suggestion that you can try: 1. Reimport your WSDL in your Consumed Web Service Document. 2. Recreate your XML-to-Domain Mapping document.

I hope that helps, otherwise feel free to file a ticket in our system.

best regards, Faried

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