CSS Define ID Attribute

It is becoming possible to port template from themeforest into mendix, but one huge hurdle is that ID tag thing. I inevitably end up having to compromise or having to alter many lines of css/js just for stuff like animations and things to work. Is there not maybe some future plan. The new div widget is nice, but I would like to be able to create any tag like section, footer, or whatever. I'm really trying hard but it requires a lot of extra javascript snippets implementing a unique naming scheme in order for the correct things to get added ids, wrapped, and unwrapped. Mendix is nice for guys working with microflows and entities, but not so nice for guys having to make things look nice. When we getting that WYSIWYGET editor :) ? Thankyou
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Using id's isn't supported in Mendix at this time. But styling with classes is possible. Unfortunately the javascript that relies on id's has to be adjusted to work with classes instead.

The name attributes in Mendix are always unique, though I would not recommend using these for styling/interaction purpose.