Audittrail for end-user use (documentation purposes)

The audittrail module is perfectly capable of handling audit trail for expert system users. I want to use it for end-users to see what record changes were made when and by whom. it shows (and counts) all attributes of a record, also the ones that are for internal use and cannot be changed by the end-users. it shows the internal names of the attributes, no way to show the translated names in the language of the user. Proposed changes to the Mendix model: add translations to attribute names, add a flag to define whether an attribute is for internal use only, extra counter to audittrail module to count only changes to non-internal attributes, make audittrail module show translated attribute names. Future request added.
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I think you could build this on top of the existing architecture without too much effort:

  1. Create a new module
  2. Add a "mapping" entity that has
    • An association to the MxModel reflection MxObjectType and MxObjectMember
    • A user-friendly name" attribute
  3. Create a page to add new mappings
    • Here you would add the attributes you want to display to the user, complete with user friendly names.
  4. Create an audit page
    • Similar to the existing one in the AuditTrail module
    • That references your mapping table
    • Interprets the information from the AuditTrail data
    • Arranges it into something simpler for the user to read.

This architecture keeps the existing Audit Trail functionality for an admin while displaying only the data you choose to your user.