Can I set the scale intervals on a Report Chart?

I have created a bar chart using the Report chart component. The chart displays a count of the number of instances of complaints in each complaint category, so will always be a whole number. When the chart is generated the scale shown on the vertical access displays intervals of 0.00, 0.80, 1.60, 2.40, 3.20 and 4.00, even thopugh I have set the precision property to 0 (zero). The only way I have so far succeeded in forcing the scale to be displayed in whole numbers (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) is to set a min/max range from 0 to 5. However even then it still displays with 2 decimal places (0.00, 1.00 etc.). In the process I have also noticed that once there are more than 5 records, the Max value is overridden and the scale is renumbered (this looks like it might be a bug)! Is there anything I can do? Should I raise a bug report? Thanks. UPDATE * NB - this is in Mendix 2.5 - I don't know if it has changed from previous versions. UPDATE 2 * Any ideas? I have now raised this as a bug.
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As far as I know, nothing changed in 2.5 concerning reporting. (Yes, there are quite some open issues there). Plans for AppStore widgets to replace the flash graphs are there though. We'll keep you updated.

In the mean time, filing bug reports is indeed the best option.