$currentDeviceType doesnt see iPad as a tablet

Hello, I'm trying to set up a microflow that will open a page as a pop-up if the user is on a desktop, or in content if the user is on a mobile device. The most common mobile device our users use is the iPad so I've been using an iPad running iOS 8.4 to test. To do this, I've been using an exclusive split with the expression: '$currentDeviceType'. When I debug the microflow with a breakpoint while using the iPad, it always uses the Desktop path from the split. Out of curiosity, I also tried testing with a Samsung Galaxy S5 and that too triggered the Desktop path from the split. When I log in to the app with the iPad, this log is created: Which tells me that Mendix recognizes that the user is using an iPad. Does it not consider an iPad a tablet or mobile device? How can I get $currentDeviceType to work or what is an alternative solution? Please feel free to ask about anything I may have left out of my explanation.
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I just tested this with my phone. It looks like you need to have the tablet or phone device type enabled under Project -> Navigation.