Best ETL and reporting tools to use in conjunction with Mendix

Hi there, I was wondering if there are any preferred ETL tools or reporting tools to use in conjunction with Mendix? We are looking at using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) as an ETL and Tableau as a reporting tool. Are there any better products or any better means to achieve the same results, you could achieve with these products? Thank you
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Hi Bertram, Depends on your goals. Transactional live reporting versus analytic historical reporting. The tools out there are many (PowerBI, Tableau, SAP Business Objects, Cognos, ...) for reporting, and ETL just as many. Most clients I work with do some or most of their transaction report development in Mendix (Datagrids, OQL, Document Templates) or if the app can handle it, they sit Tableau or PowerBI on top of reading the OData. Others don't want to (and shouldn't) burden the app and offload it using ETL tools like SSIS to scrape and build ODS/Warehouses and sit reporting tools on top of that by building web services to fetch the data in batches based on delta's in the data or if on-premise, direct from the db. It's subjective and there isn't a single "best" answer or recommendation.