Domain to XML mapping , mapping to an element with attributes

We have some issues with a domain to XML mapping, mapping attributes of an object to an element with attributes the attributes are not mapped by Mendix. When exporting to an XML using the domain to XML mapping the attribute Ccy in the example below is not mapped and the tag is not exported to the XML file. Schema element: <xs:element name="ColltnAmt" minoccurs="0"> <xs:complextype> <xs:simplecontent> <xs:extension base="xs:decimal"> <xs:attribute name="Ccy" type="CurrencyFormat"/> </xs:extension> </xs:simplecontent> </xs:complextype> </xs:element> Type: <xs:simpletype name="CurrencyFormat"> <xs:restriction base="xs:string"> <xs:pattern value="[A-Z]{3,3}"/> </xs:restriction> </xs:simpletype> Hoe can we solve this issue? Thanks!
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This could be similar to a bug that we fixed for release 5.18.0 (which will be released in a little over a week) where in some cases XML attributes were not being set on the correct element but actually 1 element above. If you have to know for sure that this is the same issue then I suggest filing a ticket so we can compare it between 5.16.1 and 5.18.0

Edit: after looking at the ticket I'm pretty sure your issue is resolved in 5.18, the Ccy attribute is being set on the right element. The test project still throws an exception but that could be due to different test setup reasons. Note this didn't go through the official support chain so you may want to let them know I already checked it out :)