Copy List to other in microflow

Hi All, I have a list ( Non persistent ) and another Persistent list. I get the data in the non persistent list and now I want to copy that data to the persistent list. Could you please guide me through how to achieve this. Thanks a lot. Anmol Bhat
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Create a loop in your microflow. Then iterate over the non-persistent list. For each iterator object you can now read the attribute values. Create new activities in the loop to handle the iterator object. You can create a new persistent object or find the matching object in the persistent list and then update that object.

Hopefully this helps you in the right direction.


create a microflow with input parameter list of non persistent objects and output list of persistent objects. Within the microflow map the non persistent entity to the persistent entity.


I hope you have manged to sort this out.

If not please follow the following steps:

  1. Create a new microflow with the NonPersitable List as the input parameter
  2. Create an list of the Persistable Objects
  3. Using the iterator, interating on the NonPersistable List; create the Persistable object.
  4. inside the interator, using the activity, add the new Persistable Object to the Persistable List.
  5. Outside the iterator commit the Persistable list.

I hope this clarify things for you further.