library inventory system

hi i'm trying to make a library inventory system .this application will help me find the books faster and add books faster im looking for a system that i can enter my books details such as: name,writer,publisher,pages,and if there is the translator is there anything familiar to this program that i'm trying to create if there is can you please contact me . itdoesnt matter if its just a inventory program. a program that has a familiar system will work, such as an employer inventory sysytem please. help me this is my first app that im trying to create by myself
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Yasin, what are you looking for? It sounds to me as you look for a working Domainmodel and screens? For you to adjust??

You will learn more when going through all the motions of this project (and making and fixing the errors you will encounter). Adjusting from an existing app wont give you the experience and insights that will make you a true developer/



I think that most forum members will be able to help you out, if you have a specific question.

Concerning a general startup i would suggest to start with the startup training which can be found here