Excel Export: Display associated values in Exported Excel(third level association)

Hi All, I am using export to excel functionality in Mendix and I am unable to display the value of one of the column which is fetching values over association. eg: lets say we have three tables A,B,C A is associated with B and also C. I am displaying the values using data grid. First i am using data view with reference to table B followed by datagrid that retrieves the content of table A over association of table B. Table A is having Col1,Col2 Col1 value I am populating over association between A and C. When I do Export COL1 values are not getting updated in Excel. wherein I could see the values on UI. Can anyone please help to fix this issue.
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No sollution, but a workaround. Create a seperate entity for the Excel export where you fill in the values first from all the references. When you then do an export you will have all the values. Not so pretty though and a bit time consuming depending on how many records you have.

Otherwise create a small test oroject and create a support ticket so they can fix this.




Same issue here. Anyone?