Change styling of the offline log-in page

Hi there, We have created an offline application. Like online applications styling of the offline app can be done by gulp/grunt and developed using computer only. However, the log-in page is shown differently on the tablet and has by default other classes than used for the online application. I can deploy the app to the licenced cloud node, and then update the app on the tablet, and then check in the console what I should change. If I want to test whether I did it right I have to upload it to the cloud node again. This is very time consuming, has anyone found out a better idea? Thank you!
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Hi Mariette,

You could try to use the developer tools in Chrome for example.

Press F12 in Chrome and then ctrl + shift + m to open the device toolbar.

You can emulate various device types. (When selecting a device type a browser refresh maybe needed)


Hi Mariëtte,

Wouldn't you be able to test this via your local development environment and using the developer app?