About my trainning

Hello everybody am experienced .NET developer and also develop experienced Outsystes. I'm interested in learning Mendix faster. Anyone interested in negotiating a quick training from basic to advanced? This training would be done online, you can be in English or Portuguese. I paid Teamviewer that could be used for training.
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What are you trying to achieve by speeding through the training?  Nobody becomes an advanced anything just by attending training courses: you have to have the practise of applying it by building applications.

If you are experienced with OutSystems then Mendix will be familiar to you.  Initially you will need a) to leave behind the concept of "Preparations" and become familiar with XPath and b) for Actions read Microflows.

My suggestion: work your way through the introduction course  then take a complex application you have in already built in OutSystems and re-build it in Mendix. 

When stuck, ask the community.