Returning data save button

In relation to this question: I have the exact same situation with an embedded data grid via association in a data view. I managed to enclose an entity (pass data view object) in the microflow for the new button, but when I enter something in the following pop-up form, that only contains a data view to fill the datagrid over association, and click save (with/ without commit, tried both), the input does not appear in my datagrid over the association. The info is not passed somehow. The input does appear when I do this all without a custom microflow in the new button, using the standard 'new' and 'save' buttons. I tried retrieving over association in the save button and then committing but still no data appears in my data grid. Does anyone have tips on this to exactly mimic the standard 'new' and 'save' button in this situation where I have a nested data grid? Thanks. Mark
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