Empty caption when adding New, Close, Cancel, etc to a form

I have looked at and tried all the solutions offered on this issue to no avail. I am upgrading from 4.3.2 to 4.4.0 (this where the 'problem' is introduced). After this upgrade, when a New, Close, Cancel or Microflow button is added it shows as <new>, etc., which means this label is empty in my default language (English UK) and is displaying, I assume, what the label is in English US. Nothing I have tried rectifies this. This must have happened to everyone who has upgraded from before 4.4.0 so some kind person: please help me out :)
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You could try to copy all the US text to the UK text (Tools / Language operation). Choose the US as source and the UK as destination. You could try it with one module first. If it works do the rest.