Show / do not show fields (URL)

Is there a logic to not show fields that are empty (besides stylesheets and creating hundreds of different forms). This question in general, but specific for the External Link property I have on the form that is build up by values from the meta-model. (looks a but strange that you see a URL and nothing happens when pressing on that link, because the value is not in the metamodel).
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You could use conditional visibility on the table row that contains the link widget.

  1. Create a Boolean attribute named 'LinkHasValue' (or something similar) that is calculated by a microflow.
  2. In the microflow, return whether the link has a value (e.g., $obj/Link != empty).
  3. In the table row, edit the condition for visible and select the attribute that you just created.

Now you can configure the row to appear when the link has a value, and disappear when it does not.

See this page for more information about conditions.

Hope this helps!

Edit: In 2.4, the condition settings are somewhat hidden. You should right-click a table cell, click the 'Select row' option, and then right-click again. Now the option 'Set conditional formatting...' should appear. Click that to get to the condition settings screen.