On Change microflow not firing

I have a form with 2 fields, Region and Country that are reference selectors from 2 domain entities. There is also an assocxiation between the Regions and Countries entities. I have an On Change microflow when a Country is selected that populates 2 or three other fields and reformats phone numbers. If I add a constraint path between Regions and Countries, the list of available Regions is restricted to those in the selected country.. which is good. However, as soon as I put this constraing path on the Region selector, the On Change microflow on the Country field no longer works. If I change the Country, the Region field is cleared as you would expect, but the on change microflow (on the Country selector) is not triggered. Is this a bug, or expected behaviour, or should I be constraining the Regions list a different way?
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By 'i add a constraint path' you used the 'constrained by' property? In that case this sound like a bug, you can file it in the partner portal.