Soft return in String?

Hi, I want a string to be built up in 2 parts, with both parts separated by a SOFT RETURN (Linefeed only). Is there anyway to do this? There is a difference between a normal RETURN and an SOFT RETURN in text editors like MS Word. In my usecase I need to be able to add a soft return to a text that is exported to MS Word. I know you can build a string like: 'ABCD [HARD RETURN] EFGH' but need a string like" 'ABCD [SOFT RETURN] EFGH'   Any thoughts?
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Hi Raymond,


Probably not the most elegant way but you can create a java-action with a inputparameter string string and result string


return inputstring.replaceAll("#SR#", "\r");

play around with any combination of \r and \n


Take care of tokens that contain characters like


because these are special characters in regular expression.


Maybe I am misinterpretting your question, but I think you can achieve this as follows: