Sass element is not overwritten in theme

Hi all Like written in the posts, I have changed the Sass element (background-image to none) and placed it in _custom_variables.sass and custom.css. rezipped the theme and redeployed the app. What I see is that indeed some pages are not showing anymore the background image, but some still do. When inspecting I see that the _base.sass file is ruling. Normally this should be now overruled by the _custom_variables.sass right?   What do I miss here?
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Enzo - every time you make a change to one or more of the custom SASS files you will need to recompile them to generate a fresh CSS for your UI. I'm 99% sure that's why you're not seeing any changes.

  1. Download Scout from
  2. Point it at your theme folder. The input folder should be /theme/styles/sass and the output folder should be /themes/style/css. 
  3. Make a change to one of the SASS files inside the custom folder, and if you run the project in Scout it should tell you that it's generated new files for you. Reload your UI and you should see the change straight away (I recommend a major change like a new background color first to guarantee it's working).