incorrect statement about Mendix lock-in

Can anyone point me to an explanation that dismantles this claim on OutSystems' website: "Lock-in: relies on proprietary Mendix runtime/interpreter to run apps." Speaking to a potential client about building some apps - retaining IP and the ability to switch platforms if he so decides are high on his list. He somehow found this link and brought it to my attention. Thank you, Dan
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Here's a link to info on the SDK:


Since Outstystems is touting vendor lock-in, ask the question of switching back. Only Mendix allows you to convert to another technology and then switch back. Outsystems is a one time deal.


Do you know what other PaaS platfroms can import Mendix' Model Repository? Does the model conform to a de-facto industry standard, or is that a standard "in-the-making"?  

Want to give some real-life examples to my prospect. They would want to know whether they could "export" the logic (IP) then simply import/run it elsewhere with minimal intervention, should they decide to move away from Mendix at any point for any reason (they find a more cost-effective option, Mendix gets acquired and the policy towards open source changes etc.). 

Thanks Marc, I appreciate your time.