How to make data view page as home page

Hi,     I have data view page in which I am displaying list of locations on Google map. I am getting address locations by entity. If I am making this page as home page it throwing error.     That dataview page need object to become homepage. So how I can make this map page as home.   Thank you.
2 answers

Use a microflow as homepage.

Retrieve the object you want to show in that microflow. Then show your designated homepage from that microflow with the retrieved object.


There are two simple solutions, both of which require a microflow.

You can either set a microflow as your home page in navigation. In the microflow, you can then create/retrieve/conjure an object. You can then open your old (data view) home page at the end of the flow. 

The other option is to select a microflow as the data source for your data view. The microflow should then create/retrieve/combobulate an object of the correct type and then return that object in the end event.