About 100 errors happening in less than one minute

There's two errors that are happening right after one another. 'parsing context failed' [org.json.JSONException: JSONObject["guid"] not a string] and the error that occurs along with it [java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Global identifier should be a number (given value: guid)].  Initially in 42 sconds, there were 4 pairs of these errors happening (4 each). Then after 26 seconds, about 100 pairs of errors occured in 35 seconds. Then after 53 seconds, about 60 pairs of errors occurred in 23 seconds. Then after a minute, about 70 pairs of errors occurred in a minute and a half.    Since this is already in a production level, it's extremely hard to reproduce this error. Has anyone seen something like this before?Your help wold be greatly appreciated!   Thank you.  
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